Tesla AIR6 Max

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Innovative technology, clean air

Tesla AIR6 MAX air purifier uses a variety of smart functions to help you maintain clean and fresh air in any room. Say goodbye to dust and pollen!

Tesla Air Purifier – AIR6 MAX Description
Clean Air, Better Life Inhale the fresh air, exhale with relief. Tesla air purifier AIR6 MAX has an operating range of up to 48 m2, ensuring the air you breathe is perfectly fresh and clean. Your loved ones will also notice the difference in air quality.
Air Quality Sensors Equipped with integrated air quality sensors, track current air pollution levels with color-changing LED icons following the most widely-used Air Quality Index (AQI) values.
Simple, Smart, Sleek Combining new technology and smart design, the Tesla AIR6 MAX offers high-quality performance with an impressive Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 400 m³ of purified air per hour.
UV Lamp The Tesla AIR6 MAX air purifier features a UV lamp for enhanced efficiency in destroying viruses, bacteria, and mold, providing an additional layer of protection for you and your family.
Enjoy Clean Air for Months Tesla air purifier filters effectively capture unwanted particles from the air. To maintain optimum performance, it’s recommended to change the filter every six months, with a filter replacement indicator to remind you when it’s time for a replacement.
Technical Specifications
Smart Wi-Fi option Yes
Filtration percentage 99.97%
Operating range 48㎡
The amount of purified air (CADR) 400 m³/h
Filter type HEPA + activated carbon
Recommended filter replacement time 6 months
Timer Yes
Automatic mode Yes
Filter replacement indicator Yes



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