Tesla 4 Doors refrigerator – RM4700FHBE + Air Conditioner Superior 12000 BTU inverter refrigerant R32

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Side by Side refrigerator


Metal cooling

Metal cooling technology maintains the desired temperature in the refrigerator, thanks to a metal panel sheet on the backside. It also helps with faster cooling and higher humidity levels.

Dual inverter compressor

Choose great temperature precision and consistency with Dual inverter technology: an innovation that helps you significantly reduce energy consumption and noise levels

Total No Frost

Total No Frost is a function based on the circulation of cold air that reduces humidity and prevents the accumulation of frost on the food in the refrigerator and ice on the walls of the freezer compartment. The refrigerator and freezer compartments have separate airflow so that odors cannot mix between the compartments. Unlike conventional systems, Total No Frost cools both separate units faster

Door alarm

A beeping signal will sound if you leave the refrigerator door open for longer than is recommended, reminding you to close it and stop the warm air from raising the inside temperature.

Convertible zone

With our variable temperature compartment, a dedicated part of the machine can be conveniently used as a freezer or a fridge – whatever you choose.

Multi Air Flow system

Keeping a constant temperature in the fridge is important, which is why Multi and DynaCool Air Flow systems distribute the air evenly into every part of the device, keeping it constantly ideal.


Feature Specification
Refrigerant (R600a/R134a) R600a (70g)
Inverter Motor Dual Inverter
Defrost System Total NO Frost
Air Flow System Multi-Air Flow
Foaming Agent Cyclopentane
Energy Class E
Energy Consumption (kWh/24h) 0.8 kWh/24h
Energy Consumption (kWh/year) 298 kWh/year
Climate Class SN/N/ST/T
Star Rating 4 star
Noise Level 39 dB
Power 180 W
Voltage 220V-240V~
Frequency 50Hz
Current 1.5 A
Number of Doors 4
New LED Light Yes
Lamp Power 4W
Temperature Control System Electronic
Display Outside display
Touch Display Yes
Door Alarm Yes
Separated Fruits and Vegetable Boxes Yes
Adjustable Glass Shelf Yes
Metal Cooling Yes
Convertible Zone Yes
Super Cooling No
Super Freezing Yes
Child Protection Yes
Door Panel Material & Color Black Glass
Water Dispenser No
Net Volume Total 466 L
Net Volume Fridge (l) 291 L
Net Volume Freezer **** (l) 175 L
Net Volume Freezer ** (l) No
Defrost No frost
Interior Light LED
Adjustable Drawer No
Shelves 3
Crisper Drawer 1
Crisper Drawer Color Transparent
Door Balcony 6
Door Balcony Color Transparent
Convertible Zone 1
Freezing Capacity 13kg/24h
Defrost No frost
Light LED
Sliding Drawers 4
Slide Drawer Color Transparent
Temperature Rise Time with Power Breakdown 12 h
Sliding Tray 2
Dimension Product (WxDxH) 795×735×1800
Weight Net 95 kg
Dimension Package (WxDxH) 855×775×1870
Weight Gross 101 kg


Tesla Superior 12000 BTU inverter refrigerant R32 , WI-FI, UV lamp

Features of Tesla Air Conditioner

Night Mode

When activated, this mode allows your AC to increase or decrease the temperature by 1°C per hour during the first three hours.


The Wi-Fi feature enables control of the Tesla air conditioner via mobile phones or other smart devices, enhancing everyday convenience and comfort.

UV Lamp

Ultraviolet light provides additional protection against unwanted microorganisms. Emitting waves up to 285 nm, it helps create a virus and bacteria-free environment without negative side effects.

56°C Sterilization

During the self-cleaning process, the indoor unit operates in a special mode that helps the evaporator dry. This feature is designed to keep the AC unit clean and prevent bacterial growth.

Smart Airflow

Choose from different air dispersion positions, such as blanket-style, shower-style, and breeze, to suit your preferences.

8°C Heating Feature

This option automatically activates the heating mode when the room temperature falls below 8°C, and returns to standby once the temperature reaches this level.

Technical Specifications

Energy Class A++/A+
Capacity BTU 12,000
Refrigerant Type R32
Noise Level 22 dB
Nominal Cooling Capacity (KW) 3.6
Nominal Heating Capacity (KW) 3.9
SCOP 4.2
Annual Consumption – Cooling (kWh/a) 182
Annual Consumption – Heating (kWh/a) 833
Additional information
Weight 10 g



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Tesla 4 Doors refrigerator – RM4700FHBE + Air Conditioner Superior 12000 BTU inverter refrigerant R32