KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor 4 L, 650 W Black + Free Betty Crocker Set 8pcs BC1082

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The all-in-one food processor:

Maybe you’ve never had a food processor, but love to cook and want to open up new possibilities. Or maybe you already use an ordinary food processor at home and would like a nice update. It is worth finding one that meets all the requirements:

Exactslice system ensures precision in the work

Depending on what you make – from a fine salad to beetroot chips for the kids – you can choose the desired thickness. Our adjustable cutting disc has a unique outer arm, so you can easily change from paper thin to 5 mm thick. Simply push the food into the ultra-wide 3-piece filling funnel.

Just consider it: You can quickly put a whole potato in with the large tube, chop a cucumber with the medium tube and slice small carrots with the small tube. It’s super satisfying

knife blades:
For chopping, mixing, chopping and pureing

Food in a ruf! You can chop, mix and whip ingredients at the touch of a button. It has 3 knife blades that help you cut down on the hassle and screw up the flavor.

Can you cut cubes with a food processor?

Yes. We have made a set so that you can magically make small, even cubes of everything from potatoes and mangoes to onions and melons. The set contains a cutting disc, an 8 mm cube grid, a lid and a cleaning tool.

You can make a whole bunch of perfectly cut cubes of fresh vegetables, fruits and even cheeses.

Need ideas? Use them to make salads, ratatouille or with soups and desserts.

Can a food processor tear cheese?

Absolutely. The Artisan 4 l food processor is one of our best food processors and allows you to grate hard cheeses.

You do not even have to ace with a big bump of cheese, and you can get super fine results with parmesan or pecorino.

For tearing, slicing and shredding

3 slices are included with the Artisan 4 l food processor, so you are prepared for all the challenges that a recipe can give you.

Wonderfully whipped

A special whisk in the food processor is designed to quickly whip egg whites and whipped cream for desserts, mousse, souffles and meringues.

The whisk fits the work bowl. Stop straining your wrist to achieve the impressive peaks. It only takes a minute.

What can you do with a multifood processor?

An all-in-one food processor can be used for more than just preparation. You can use it throughout the process to make delicious dishes and desserts.
Here are a few things you can do:

See a professional chef in action

  • Lav babymos
  • Pres orange juice
  • Make meatballs
  • Crush ice cubes
  • Mix pancake batter
  • Stir a sauce together
  • Knead dough
  • Cut a turnip into cubes
  • Make salsa
  • Grate hard chees
  • Cut carrots into strips
  • Chop the garlic
  • Lav mousse

The KitchenAid Artisan food processor of 4 L is for life’s many food challenges in all their splendor … a reliable helping hand that chefs love as it makes the sophisticated easy. Robust and durable – our most versatile and complete food processor: Your kitchen assistant, which cuts, chops, grates, purees and blends with professional results. Discover how easy it is to make delicious food that looks great and is full of structure and taste. Use the unique feature that cuts dice and impress your waters and family with outstanding results. With the Artisan food processor of 4 L you can show your cooking skills.


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    DC (Direct Current)
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  • Capacity for bowl
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    3 plastic bowls, citrus press, 3-piece ultrawide food pusher / feed tube, Externally adjustable slicing disc, dicing kit, 3 discs, 3 blades with ultratight silicone seal to avoid leakage, egg whip, Spatula cleaning tool, storage case, cookbook

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KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor 4 L, 650 W Black + Free Betty Crocker Set 8pcs BC1082

In stock