L1 Pro32 Portable Line Array System with Sub2 Powered Bass Module

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  • Straight-Shaped Line Array
  • Power Base with Integrated Mixer
  • Compact Speaker with Full Tone
  • Direct & Off-Axis Audio Balance


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With the supreme clarity and output of a 32-driver articulated line array, the L1 Pro32 with Sub2 Powered Bass Module offers 180-degree horizontal coverage and the most focused vertical coverage pattern and highest SPL over distance in an L1 ever — providing intricate sonic detail, clarity, and consistency, even off to the extreme sides in larger venues. For DJs, singer-songwriters, bands — and your audience — the L1 Pro32 offers a truly superior experience. It gives you the power to sound your best and simply perform.

  • 180-degree horizontal coverage
  • Pairs with Sub2 Powered Bass Module
  • Phantom power and Bluetooth®
  • 32-driver, straight line array, uniform coverage
  • Built-in mixer
  • Wireless mixer control with app
  • 128 dB SPL peak when paired with Sub2
  • System EQ presets
  • ToneMatch port
L1 Pro32 Coverage Map
SubMatch In port

Slim size. Big bass.

Sub2 Powered Bass Module

The L1 Pro32 combined with the Bose Sub2 subwoofer, features a 10″ × 18″ high-excursion neodymium RaceTrack driver. Sub2 is a more powerful option and plays lower and louder. With this unique RaceTrack driver design, Sub2 offer bold bass, has an optimized center of gravity, and saves a lot of space. The slim design means you get the full impact of a conventional subwoofer without the cumbersome size. Plus, proprietary SubMatch connectivity means you can connect the Sub2 to the L1 Pro32 with a single cable that delivers both power and audio.

Mixer onboard and on your phone

Built-in mixer

Each L1 Pro system features a built-in mixer, so you can connect various instruments, microphones, and other sources easily. You get two combo XLR-1/4″ phantom-powered inputs, 1/4″ and 1/8″ (3.5 mm) aux inputs, plus Bluetooth streaming capability. Illuminated rotary encoders give you instant access to volume, tone, and reverb settings per channel. Select between optimized system EQ presets for live music, recorded music, and more. And add in even more instruments and other audio sources via a dedicated ToneMatch port — one cable provides both power and digital audio between the system and a Bose T4S or T8S mixer (optional).

And with the intuitive Bose Music app, you get complete wireless mixer control from your smartphone or tablet too.

L1 Pro32 Mixer Top
L1 Mix App

Intuitive and instant wireless control

Bose Music app

With the Bose Music app, you can adjust mixer settings instantly from your mobile device or even walk the room, hear how the mix sounds, and fine-tune as you go. Change volume and tone settings in the app and watch the LED encoder on your L1 Pro move to match — the mixer and app are always in sync, in real time. Plus, you have access to the entire ToneMatch library of custom EQ presets. With the Bose Music app, you get the connectivity that empowers your performance, giving you greater flexibility for on-the-fly tweaks via controls that are intuitive and instant.


Premium sound on stage. Practical portability everywhere else. With an L1 Pro32 you can get from parking to performing in one trip and from setup to setlist in minutes. The L1 Pro32 gives singer-songwriters and DJs both setup simplicity and supreme clarity — the power to sound your best and simply perform.

Musician performing onstage
Included in set
L1 Pro32 Portable Line Array tdt

L1 Pro32 Portable Line Array

Sub2 Powered Bass Module tdt

Sub2 Powered Bass Module

L1 Pro32 Portable Line Array

box content
What’s in the Box
  • L1 Pro32 array
  • Power stand
  • SubMatch cable
  • Power cord

Sub2 Powered Bass Module

Sub2 Powered Bass Module tdt
What’s in the Box
  • Sub2 powered bass module
  • Slip cover
  • Power cord
Additional information
Weight 100 g



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L1 Pro32 Portable Line Array System with Sub2 Powered Bass Module

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