Architettura Sonora ICARUS_SUB

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ICARUS is the new range of speakers designed by Giulia Archimede and developed by AS, conceived to offer an alternative and complementary acoustic solution to our current production, seamlessly integrating with any design or space without compromising on sound quality.

Icarus Sub

Since longer wavelengths, low-end frequencies are able to pass through most obstacles, that is why the ICARUS_SUB has been designed, so to be easily placed everywhere, indoor and outdoor, hidden or exposed, in order to integrate seamlessly with any design or material due to its extremely elegant and refined design supporting any kind of low-frequency need without compromising sound quality.

This powerful subwoofer has been specifically designed to complete and support the Icarus family satellites, but can be very useful with the whole range of AS models, particularly suitable for pairing with Cylinders, considering its design.



Architettura Sonora

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