Allocacoc PowerCube? |Rewirable USB| 3x Plug + IEC Cable – Orchid Purple

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  • The Allocacoc PowerCube ReWirable USB + 3x Plug is a block shaped socket multiplier that can be used at home and while traveling. The PowerCube is equipped with a cable and a worldwide IEC connector. Three plugs are also included: 1 for the United Kingdom, 1 for the United States and 1 for Australia. The block shaped socket multiplier offers four additional grounded outlets and two USB inputs. This way you always have an outlet within reach.
  • Features of the Allocacoc PowerCube ReWirable USB + 3x Plug

    • Block shaped socket multiplier with four earthed sockets and 2 USB ports
    • Perfect for using your devices abroad
    • Includes 3 removable plugs (GB, USA, Australia)
    • Always an outlet within reach



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